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When renovating your home, one of the best areas in terms of investment is your bathroom. Not only will it provide a nice return on your bathroom renovations cost, but also provide a new feeling of luxury within your home.

In you’re new to the world of home renovations and improvements, then the initial capital required may seem a little bit daunting. But choosing to remodel your bathroom is one of the best decisions you can make – you just have to make sure you’re doing it right.

Unless you’re experienced in bathroom remodeling and can perform a number of remodeling services yourself, then DIY is not an option. Doing it yourself is only recommend if you have previous experience and are handy with various tools and equipment. When it comes to an area like your bathroom, the best option is always to hire a licensed professional who is a certified bathroom remodeling contractor.

Where to find a bathroom remodeling contractor?

There is without a doubt the first task of any home improvement project which is choosing a contractor for your job. Home remodelers vary in experience. There are many things to consider prior to selecting a company to begin a project. Should you be interested in choosing a company to remodel your bathroom you may wonder how to get started? Ask yourself these few questions before you pick up the phone:

–        What is your budget?
–        What style do you like?
–        What are the essentials?
–        After the essential items, what else would you like?
–        Any preferred materials?

Having answers ready makes searching for a bathroom remodeling contractor so much easier.

Ask friends and family for referrals, read online reviews to get a feel for the contractor you have in mind. Most companies will always provide free information, and are a phone call away. Look for licensed contractors, such as the team at Home Works CGO who can complete your dream bathroom to the highest of standards.

Check for things like experience, online reviews, and other jobs they’ve completed. Ensuring you have a qualified company can guarantee your bathroom remodeling always gets completed on time.


How much do bathroom renovations cost?

Bathroom renovation costs can vary dramatically depending on your required specifications. A number of different variables can alter the price and ultimately affect your budget. Certain factors can alter the renovation costs, including:

–        Size of the bathroom

–        Features

–        Surface finishes

Bathroom renovations can be quite costly, or very affordable depending on your unique needs. The end result will depend upon your unique needs and ideas you have in mind.  But remember the return on your investment can be staggering, the re-sale value it adds to your property can be huge. so it’s always recommend to get the highest quality of work and this means finding a professional bathroom remodeling contractor.


What remodeling services do contractors offer?

Not only can will you get all the appliances and fittings included in the price, but the overall cost will usually involve a number of other remodeling services, such as: replacing or relocation of windows, waterproofing, any plumbing needed, wiring, painting, waterproofing, installation of new features and any surfacing requirements. Attempting to do this all yourself without any prior experience is a big no no. Always go with a bathroom remodeling contractor who has good references, a solid portfolio and many years of experience behind them, such as those at Home Works CGO.


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