Home Remodeling Projects in Michigan

Fall is here and Home Works CGO has been busy at work over the hot summer months. There is no doubt that the craftsman and Home Works in Chesterfield Mi are some of the most experienced individuals in the field of home … Continue reading

Adding a Family Room To Your Residential Home

The path towards residential remodeling can be a daunting task. Obtaining the right advice and team of licensed professionals can make life easier. Whether you are remodeling a house for personal comfort or an investment, you obviously want it done … Continue reading

Remodeling Your Bathroom | Home Works Chesterfield Michigan

When renovating your home, one of the best areas in terms of investment is your bathroom. Not only will it provide a nice return on your bathroom renovations cost, but also provide a new feeling of luxury within your home. … Continue reading

Getting Started With Home Remodeling

People renovate their homes for different reasons. Some do it for investment opportunities, with the idea of selling a property in the future for a higher price than they purchased. Others wish to make a house more comfortable, with the … Continue reading

Michigan Home Improvement Performed by the Best Remodeling Companies

Michigan home improvement is not a subject easily approachable. It involves firstly a considerable budget, depending on the repairs needed to be done, and time. These are two things that are not always available to most people. That is why … Continue reading

Home Renovation and Kitchen Cabinets Michigan

Kitchen cabinets Michigan and custom cabinets in general have the functional purpose of serving as units of storage. This is the main factor that it is taken into consideration when designing cabinets. We all want plenty of space for storage … Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Michigan Performed by Home Works CGO

If you are searching for a bathroom remodeling Michigan, the best in the business that answers every customer’s demand in the promptest way, you can confidently contact us.  The best bathroom renovation contractor has the ability of making an epic … Continue reading

Michigan Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchens of any size are one of the central areas in any home because of the constant activity that takes place in it. Therefore, the decision to remodel the kitchen will affect the activities thus becoming an undertaking that should … Continue reading

Home Renovation & Bathroom Remodeling Michigan

Benefits of hiring a professional bathroom renovator Finding a home remodelling service in the Michigan area is not hard, especially when looking online where many companies that offer these services advertise themselves on a regular basis. Having an online reputation … Continue reading

Caulk, Who Cares?

Well, you should! Of course we’re talking about that stuff used to fill gaps. Not all caulks are created equal, and here’s what you need to know. Caulks are used every where on your home, for example: windows are caulked … Continue reading

Corner Toilet

I am always amazed at the small spaces we’re asked to create bathrooms in. Well I believe I may have found something that will help. Here is a toilet that fits snugly in to a corner. This toilet is manufactured … Continue reading

Nonconforming House?

You’ve found the right designer, you’ve hired the best builder, and you’ve submitted the plans to the city. And three weeks later the cities plan reviewer informs you that your house is nonconforming. This has become very common. The nonconforming … Continue reading

Tips for Using Columns in Your Kitchen

Using columns in your kitchen can make a stunning impression or an ugly mistake. Here are just a few examples of what to consider when adding columns to your design. Consider scale: when you have a large open space you … Continue reading

Entertainment Sinks

Still looking for that one thing that will wow the friends and family? Than you need an entertainment sink. Believe it or not that’s what they’re called and you can bet that’s all there good for. Well let’s be fair they … Continue reading

How to Start Bidding Your Home Addition

Start by considering what type of home you have, is it a large one of a kind custom home, or is it a home that looks somewhat similar to the homes in your area. If the first is true of … Continue reading

There is Always Room For an Island!

There is always room for a kitchen island and here is a great example. This island is nothing more than a base cabinet with the toe kick removed and replaced with four casters. Place a counter top on it (great place … Continue reading

Buying a Stainless Steel Sink?

I was recently approached with a question about stainless steel sinks. A customer of mine searched online for a 33” stainless steel sink. The results ranged from $98.00 to $1,700.00 so of course the question came up as to what … Continue reading

Bidding Scam

Just recently I lost a bid for a large room addition. I must admit I was very disappointed when I learned another contractor was chosen. But, what I found most disturbing was that the winning bidder was almost 50% less … Continue reading

Pop Up Electric Outlet

The first ever Power and Communications Grommet specifically designed for kitchens or any place liquids could spill. Note the clear rubber ring around the top. This ring forms a seal when the unit is closed, preventing water and other liquids … Continue reading

Allowance or not?

If you’re taking bids for your new kitchen remodeling project, then most likely you’ve seen allowances on your bids. So what is an allowance any way? Is it really something to avoid? There has been a great deal written about … Continue reading

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