Entertainment Sinks

Still looking for that one thing that will wow the friends and family? Than you need an entertainment sink.

Believe it or not that’s what they’re called and you can bet that’s all there good for. Well let’s be fair they were designed just for entertainment and in that application they’re fantastic. In fact this type of accessory sink can add a great design element to your kitchen renovation. Put one of these into your kitchen island and it will be the focal point of many discussions. It’s been my experience that most entertainment sinks work quite well as prep sinks.

In fact the Kohler Crevasse sink has a great balance between form and function. The Crevasse is a small rectangular sink that slopes to one end where there is a drain and disposal. Another unusual feature, there is no faucet just a button in the counter top that activates both the disposal and the water to clear the sink. The bottom line is an entertainment sink can add a lot to the look of a new kitchen but be prepared to pay between $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 just for the sink not to mention the installation.

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