Why Wellborn

For years both John and Dave have struggled with cabinet manufacturer's sacrificing quality. Recently many cabinet manufacturer's began to merge or have been gobbled up by large conglomerates. Some of the most well known cabinet brands that you will see at the big home improvement stores are owned by just a few companies. These companies purchase the cabinet brands and redesign them to be sold at the big home improvement and large kitchen and bath stores. In the process they strip them of their quality. An example is the thickness of the wood used to build the doors and drawers have been reduced from 3/4" to 5/8". A difference that will reduce the life of the cabinetry significantly.

In 2005 a HomeWorks customer inquired about adding a few additional cabinets to her existing kitchen. While pursuing this request we discovered a manufacturer we were not familiar with. The quality of the product certainly got our attention, and in just a few weeks HomeWorks was considering becoming a Wellborn cabinet dealer. By early 2006 both John and Dave had visited Wellborn's manufacturing facility in Ashland Alabama and were convinced Wellborn was a product they were willing to stand behind. Since that time HomeWorks has offered the full line of Wellborn Cabinets to all their customers with great success.

Wellborn offers over 2700 door style and finish combinations; the largest in the industry. Wellborn also offers the most robust finishing system. The 24-step, hand-sanded, hand-stained and hand-rubbed finish gives you the quality of finish you expect to see on high end furniture.

The bottom line is quality, and if you look closely, like we have, you will certainly see the difference.

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Wellborn Literature

We invite you to browse through a few of Wellborn's brochures for ideas and inspiration. There are many ideas to choose from and endless possibilities with Wellborn's styles and finishes.